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With the best CPU for gaming in your rig that expensive new graphics card you’re about to drop a ton of cash on will always remain well fed with game frames, and you can ensure it’s working to its full potential. Especially as we enter a new era of affordable 4K gaming. The best CPU is also a worthy investment for any creative work, editing, or streaming you might fancy doing with your PC, and means you won’t need a machine to handle a stream on its own. With more cores than ever available, you needn’t worry about multi-tasking pushing your gaming PC to the limits anymore.

Before deciding which gaming CPU to go with, there are a couple of things you need to consider. Should you get an AMD or Intel processor? Which generation? What is your upgrade path? Depending on what you pick, you need to make sure your motherboard is compatible with whichever one you opt for, as they are mutually exclusive. At least AMD has made things a little easier on this front, as all of its processors on this list slot into an AM4 socket and are supported by 300, 400, or 500-series chipsets. 

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