[Latest Android News] Huawei announces €30,000 prize pool for publishing Indie Games on its AppGallery

This is Latest Android News Regarding Huawei announces €30,000 prize pool for publishing Indie Games on its AppGallery

A month ago, Huawei expanded the AppGallery with Moovit,  yet another vital inclusion to the community. In fact, the company is trying its best to widen the universe and the latest attempt is by announcing a special funding program in partnership with Unity. This includes perks like revenue share, VIP support, prizes, and more.

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As reported by cnTechPost, Huawei‘s new program is for Indie Game developers. For the unware, games from the indie community are independent and either from an Individual/Small group. Mostly, these teams don’t have a lot of technical/financial support when compared to the big names in the industry.

Hence, Huawei’s commitment to this funding program will help the developers gain the limelight and in turn popularize the AppGallery more. Accordingly, a special incentive will be provided for Games published on AppGallery between November 19 and December 14 through the Unity Distribution Portal(UDP). In case you don’t know, UDP helps developers by distributing games to multiple app stores(incl. AppGallery) through a single hub.

That said, the new funding program for indie games comes with many benefits. The highest of them is a whopping €30,000 prize pool for the 30 chosen games. You can take a look at the benefits of the special program below:

  • 85% IAP(In-App-Purchases) revenue share for game developers for the first 2 years. Usually, it is 70% for AppGallery Developers
  • VIP technical support and store spotlight.
  • Top indie games will also be featured on a special ‘Indie Game’ slot on the AppGallery store.
  • 30 indie games chosen will receive Huawei Ad Platform credit worth €1,000. And an account manager to set up the acquisition campaign.

Besides, the advantage of using the UDP is it just requires a single build & metadata profile as you don’t have to create multiple builds of your games w.r.t each App store. Some advantages of using alternative App stores and UDP is it reaches more than 1 billion players, revenue up to $5 billion outside of China.

That said, this is just one of the initiatives to expand the AppGallery ecosystem of Huawei. Introduced way back in 2018 globally, the app store has gained steam after the US ban. As a result, it is currently the third-largest store after Apple and Google counterparts. As per the UDP portal, AppGallery expands to 170+ countries, has 700 million users, and 400 million MAU(monthly active users).

Living to its earlier promise, the company has already brought biggies like Telegram, HungamaBoltHERE Maps to the store. For regions like India, it pre-installs MapmyIndia to distract Google Maps addiction. That said, the Recently added list of Apps also includes Moovit, Booking.com, eSky, Omio, Skyscanner/Turkish Airlines.


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